Mortgage in Switzerland

Mortgages in Switzerland. The capital required for the acquisition of housing is 30% for a second home and 15% for a main residence.
It is possible to contract a bank loan of 30-40 % for the financing of your purchase .
On the cover of a loan, the guarantee may be provided in the form of first mortgage on a holiday property in Valais.
The mortgage deed fee is about 1.2 % of the loan.
Anyway , LIVIN’CRANS is at your disposal to discuss the solution that best suits the clients of the agency.
We closely work with the major bank Company in Switzerland



Fixed mortgage
With a fixed mortgage, you are bound to a certain term (two to ten years) and the interest rate is fixed. In the current low rate situation, this model is especially popular with long durations.

Libor mortgage
The Libor mortgage has a fixed duration (three to five years), the rate is adjusted to the market rates every three to six months. With this model you can benefit most from low rates, but the model has its risks in the long-run.

Variable mortgage
This mortgage has no fixed duration; it can be terminated at any time if the according periods are kept to. The rate is periodically adjusted to the market situation. This form allows a high flexibility and is therefore expensive.

Special models or special conditions
Many banks offer special models: a reduced start mortgage, a bonus for eco-friendly building (Minergie mortgage) or reductions if there are children in living in the household (family mortgage) – only to name the most common models.

Depending on the provider, the models above can be combined with each other as you wish.

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