Cholera (cholera or chouera)

If the name of this traditional Valais flat door is the source of its etymology in the eponymous disease is because, during the cholera epidemics, people were hiding in their chalet to avoid contamination; for food, they put everything they had stored in their attic in a pastry (or puff) they were cooking in the oven. The recipes of this dish are so diverse. Below, a recipe of many.


500 g. shortcrust pastry
4 leeks
4 apple porridge earth
3 apples
1 onion
150 g. grated cheese Valais (see the recipe for raclette cheese types)
30 g. buttery
Salt and pepper
1 egg to glaze


Peel the leeks, potatoes, apples and onion.
Chop finely. Fry them in a pan with butter.
Salt and pepper. Cook about 15 minutes.
Meanwhile, go for the plate with two-thirds of the dough.
Add the grated cheese to vegetables, mix well and spread the mass over the dough.
Cover with a thin lowers made with the rest of the dough. Tape the edges.
Prick the cover and brush with egg.
Bake 30 minutes in a hot oven (230 ° C). Serve hot with a salad.