Wallis is the orchard of Switzerland. Besides asparagus, it produces tasty fruits: apricots, strawberries, raspberries, apples (guard), and pears, mainly from Williams. The village of Mund in the Haut Valais produces a rare curiosity: the Mund saffron. Finally, the Valais is proud of its wine specialties and its varied cheeses. Famous for its legendary fondue and raclette, Valais offers its guests a cuisine featuring a wide range of quality wines. 5 chefs rampant in Valais two in Crans-Montana, heads Franck Reynaud, Hostellerie du Pas de l'Ours, and Pierre Crepaud, Mont Blanc. Other stars of gastronomy in Valais are: Mirto Marchesi, La Table d'Adrien in Verbier, Markus Neff, Waldhotel Fletschhorn, Saas Fee, Martial Braendle, Vouvry Auberge de Vouvry, Damien Germanier, Sion, and Samuel Destaing, the Alpes, Orsières. The prize going to Didier de Courten who is the only two-star "Michelin" Township, Le Terminus, Sierre.




Saviesanne pie

December 20, 2017 2:05 pm

Recipe Ingredients 400g shortcrust pastry (or 2 pieces of ready-made shortcrust pastry) 150g potatoes (with firm flesh) 100g Lard sec du Valais IGP (raw bacon) 100g white of leeks 250g Raclette du Valais AOP cheese 2 eggs 1 egg yolk 2dl cream White wine Preparation Peel and dice the potatoes. Slice the leek, bacon and...


July 28, 2016 4:20 am

Fondue is the Valaisans what Paella is the Spanish. Preparing fondue and tasting, are more of a ritual than anything else; and a ceremonial, the origin and meaning are lost in the mists of time, is essential. This is an...





Cholera (cholera or chouera)

July 27, 2016 1:19 pm

If the name of this traditional Valais flat door is the source of its etymology in the eponymous disease is because, during the cholera epidemics, people were hiding in their chalet to avoid contamination; for food, they put everything they...

Raclette and Fondue : “la religieuse”

July 27, 2016 1:13 pm

Why is it called “religieuse” cheese rind that forms the bottom of pot? The origin of the word “religieuse” remains very mysterious. You should know that this word with this sense, is only used in French-speaking Switzerland and Savoy. In...





The Assiette valaisanne

July 27, 2016 12:58 pm

The traditional assiette valaisanne is an arrangement of dried meat IGP Valais , cured ham of Valais, dry bacon slices, dried sausage slices and Valais cheeses (especially Raclette du Valais AOC), served on a plate or board ; accompanied by...